Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: Using Mirrors in Your Decor

Aug 25, 2015, 19:28 PM
Looking for some fun and funky ways to make your decor pop? We find a little self-reflection tends to help. That’s right, we’re talking about mirrors!

Incorporating mirrors into your home, beyond their necessary spot in bathrooms and bedrooms, isn’t just for wicked queens. These surfaces can add a lot to your space – like drama, light, and interest. Not sure what we mean? Read on to see several ways you can use mirrors in your decor.

Trick the Eye – Use a large mirror to make a small space seem bigger. This is a classic trick and one you’ll see again and again, sometimes without realizing it. The mirror reflects the room, giving the illusion of more space.

Small Space
Image via House Beautiful

Any Surface Will Do – Mirrored furniture is a trend we can absolutely get on board with! Not only do these pieces tend to look great, their reflective surfaces keep places light, and add a unique look to a room.

Image via Style Me Pretty

Sometimes More is Better – Using several smaller mirrors to create a mosaic can have a wonderful impact on your decor. With their simple frames, they add drama without totally overpowering the space.
Add a Little Drama – Creating a focus point by incorporating a dramatic mirror into your space can be a great idea. We like this twist on the popular sun burst mirror. The frame is still very eye-catching, but the actual mirror is larger than what you’d see with traditional sun burst mirrors. It’s dynamic but still brings a brightness to the room.

Image via Harpers Bazaar

Fashion and Function – Putting mirrors on your closet doors is one of the most genius upgrades. Not only will it make your bedroom seem larger and brighter, it also helps immensely when you’re getting ready.

Image via Inspiracionline

Don’t Forget Your Garden – Mirrors don’t just add to your indoor space, they can add to your outdoor decor as well. They make gardens feel larger, more whimsical, and visible from more areas inside your home.

Image via Apartment Therapy

We hope you find these ideas for incorporating mirrors into your space helpful. If you’re looking for more home decor tips and trends, make sure to follow @HomeShows on Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest.


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