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The Outdoor Kitchen Kit Northern UT

The Outdoor Kitchen Kit Northern UT
1384 N 870 W
Clinton UT
Booth: 838

Company Description:

5 Reasons Our Customers Love Us -

* Durability- best-in-class warranty. Built with patented Cor-Tuf
Technology. We don’t build flimsy 5yr kitchens. We build 50+ yr kitchens.

* Ease- we pre-build 90% of each kitchen in our factory in Hurricane. The kitchen is assembled at the customer's house in just a few hours by a professional. Not weeks or months.

* Flexibility- we have several pre-designed configurations, but also offer custom solutions. Something for everyone.

* Made in the USA- good old ‘Merican manufacturing.

* Can be installed on pavers, decks, gravel, or a concrete pad. No footings required.

At The Outdoor Kitchen Kit, we’re dedicated to providing exceptional outdoor kitchen solutions. We firmly believe that the outdoor cooking and living experience extends beyond creating delicious meals – it’s a space where people can connect and make memories in a way that simply can’t be done inside.

Show Specials:

Free grill cover ($150 value), $100 gift card for your first BBQ, free delivery (40 miles round trip-$200 value), 10% pre-designed Cor-Tuf Islands.

New Products

8 ft Traeger Timberline XL.

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