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Blade Butlers

Blade Butlers
6554 S Bouchelle Lane
Cottonwood Heights UT
Booth: 3014

Company Description:

Welcome to Blade Butlers, where we turn blade sharpening into an art of precision and humor. Our mission is to banish dullness from both your tools and your life. We offer a unique mobile service that elevates every blade and every moment. From perfectly sliced sandwiches to seamlessly executed DIY projects, we ensure satisfaction with every cut. With a blend of top-notch service and playful wit, every interaction with us adds a sharp twist to the mundane. Choose Blade Butlers for an experience where every moment is sharp, every joke lands, and life is never dull.

Show Specials:

Book our 10-blade sharpening service and receive a 10% discount off your total sharpening cost! This special offer is valid only on sharpening services book on March 8th, 9th, and 10th.

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