Dreams and Things LLC

Booth: 2932

Company Description:

We offer a number of different products.
Resign figures: dragons, fairies, skulls, mermaids, Egyptian, religious pieces, etc. We also have animals including bears, wolves, dolphins, dinos.

We have incense cones and sticks and holder.

New this year, we have discounted warmers and wax bars.

Check out our FB page to stay up to date with the shows and products we will have through the year. (Creat your own teddy bear booth, rocks and minerals, handmade dream catchers...)

Show Specials:

All of our resign figures are samples from a wholesaler. This allows us to sell pur pieces at a wholesale price, not a retail price. Since they are samples, this also means we have ONE of each pieces until new samples arrive. If you see a piece y

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