Live Earth Products Inc.

Live Earth Products Inc.
400 South 200 East
Emery UT
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Have you heard of Humate for Live Earth Products? Deep in the mountains of Utah there is a hidden treasure. An ancient semi-tropical forest, preserved under sandstone. The long-decayed plant materials, minerals, and organic acids have been protected from leaching and pollutants. Today, the Live Earth Humic Shale Rockland Mine is the richest fulvic acid deposit on earth.

For over 30 years our customers have trusted us with their crops, their livestock and their personal health. Our responsibility to the wellbeing of our customers is why we control the process from start to finish. From mining to extraction and processing, if it’s not good enough for our family, then it’s not good enough for yours.

New Products

Organic Soil Conditioner - Premium, Organic, Soil Amendment: Rich in fulvic & humic acids plust trace minerals help improve soil health. It is an ideal solution to increase organic matter concentration in the soil.

Liquid 6 - Designed for use

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