One More Degree

One More Degree
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From Italy with love,

Dry-Steam is the easiest way to gently remove stubborn dirt and grease from virtually any household surface.

And we’ve been making and using this type of steam for almost 50 years.

- Dirty grout lines, streaky laminate floors
- Greasy oven doors, glass stove tops
- Kitchen cabinets, stainless steel appliances
- Showers with soap scum, hard water deposits
- Even the toilet (Yes, the toilet)

Dry-Steam makes dirty turn clean.
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Didn’t bring your oven to the show? (Honestly, we’d be more concerned for you if you did) As you swing by the booth Reed or Jon will be cleaning watches, rings, and jewelry. That usually takes less than 30 seconds and you’ll get to talk to two of

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