The Mattress Hub

51 Via Di Mello
Henderson NV
Booth: 1229

Company Description:

The Mattress Hub is a local owned and operated operated and invested. Our goal is simple . . . We strive to provide the best customer experience through our superior service, the lowest prices, the best selection, and our commitment to giving back. Our national events team proudly displays America’s Most Highly Recommended Bed: TEMPUR-PEDIC™. And the leader in massage therapy along each based 44year old Human Touch to help clients feel their best and be their best. The mattress Hub™ is a family owned business based out of Wichita, Kansas. We opened in 2008 and have grown to 13 brick and mortar retail stores providing sleep products, bedroom furniture and massage therapy chairs! In 2017 we were awarded the Retail Giants of the year award by Furniture Today!

We look forward to working with you to identify your issues sleeping and solving them giving you Life Changing Sleep. At The mattress Hub™ we believe that when you Sleep Well you Live Well! We will be featuring the new Sleep Tracker Smart Bases by TEMPUR-PEDIC™, and with our Hunan Touch line help massage and soothe the stresses of daily life away and to also help increase recovery time with industry leading Human Touch’s massage therapy Chairs and Zero Gravity Perfect Lounge/Office chairs by. The leading massage chair brand in the United States for over 44 years.

New Products

A proper response to snoring with the new TEMPUR-PEDIC™ Sleep Tracker Smart Bases. We are excited to unveil the Human Touch Certus massage chair and Super Novo, the first-ever personalized virtual voice-controlled massage chair.

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